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POLON-IZOT Sp. z o.o.

Contact details

MichaƂa Spisaka 31
02-495 Warszawa

22 724 74 64

Konrad Damski, Head of Sales Department

Phone: +48 606 716 422

About the company

POLON-IZOT is a innovative manufacturing company, continues business activities of world-known company P O L O N, established in 1956. We have over 600 installations worldwide. We are proud of our 60+ years technical experience. Our strategy is to be a provider of new technology and innovation to measurement (basis weight, thickness, width, moisture) and solve a technical issues of our customers. POLON-IZOT provides measuring, control and automation systems for industry sectors like film, plastics, textile, nonwoven, paper, wood, composite materials. Our long experience in narrow specialization allows us to reduce production costs, what gives our products competitive price. Measure& SAVE! Our main products: - Industrial thickness and grammage on-line x-ray, isotopic, laser gauges - Laboratory thickness and grammage gauges - Industrial density and concentration gauges - Radiation monitoring system- dosimetric vehicles gate - Air radiation monitor - Radionuclide contamination meter - On-line ash contamination signaling monitor - Dosimetric gauge for closed areas - Industrial and laboratory XRF Spectrometers - Industrial dust meters - Industrial level gauges


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